Affordable Haptic Gloves Beyond the Fingertips


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Virginia Tech


With the increase in popularity of virtual reality (VR) systems, haptic devices have been garnering interest as means of augmenting users' immersion and experiences in VR. Unfortunately, most commercial gloves available on the market are targeted towards enterprise and research, and are too expensive to be accessible to the average consumer for entertainment. Some efforts have been made by gaming and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts to develop cheap, accessible haptic gloves, but due to cost limitations, the designs are often simple and only provide feedback at the fingertips. Considering the many types of grasps used by humans to interact with objects, it is evident that haptic gloves must offer feedback to many regions of the hand, such as the palm and lengths of the fingers to provide more realistic feedback. This thesis discusses a novel, affordable design that provides haptic feedback to the intermediate and proximal phalanges of the fingers (index, middle, ring and pinkie) using a ratchet and pawl actuation mechanism.



Haptic Gloves, Virtual Reality, Additive Manufacturing