DACS: an interactive computer program to aid in the design and analysis of linear control systems

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


DACS is an interactive computer program for the IBM-PC that aids in the design and analysis of linear control systems. Written in compiled basic, DACS includes Root Locus, Bode plots, Nyquist diagrams, Nichols charts, system simulation, and calculates the system time response in closed-form. The state-space description is used in the simulation and time response segments while the system transfer function is used in the root locus and frequency response segments. Calculated data may be displayed in either graphical or tabular form. Graphics features of DACS include automatic-scaling, zooming, graph coordinates derived from cursor location, graphics screen dumps to disk or printer, and redisplaying of disk files. DACS is menu driven and the majority of input/output is accomplished through the function keys. All system models and data may be saved on and recalled from disk. Help screens, three levels of sound, color, and session archiving are also provided. DACS provides a wide variety of linear control system analysis tools for the engineering desktop.