A theory of organization: consumer-design-production-consumer

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


Communication in its broadest connotation is a challenging subject, and one of vital importance to every industrial enterprise. The increasing trend toward specialization which characterizes industry today has made it mandatory that any industry which hopes to survive must keep a sensitive finger on the consumer’s pulse.

The author has undertaken a detailed study designed to highlight the relationship between the manufacturers of wood utilization machinery and their consumer (which is the Southern Pine lumber industry) from the standpoint of both organizational structure and procedure. Against the background of the Forrester and Laitala concepts of information-feedback and the consumer-to-consumer cycle, respectively, this thesis develops the principle of organizational structure aa a means of insuring positive communication.

Recognizing that no two industrial enterprises are ever quite alike, this thesis seeks to identify the techniques whereby the producer can develop a positive reaction to the environment and attitude of his consumer. The pros and cons of alternative methods are presented, together with a recommendation as to an appropriate course of action under a given circumstance.