A Wide Input Power Line Energy Harvesting Circuit For Wireless Sensor Nodes


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Virginia Tech


Massive deployment of wireless IoT (Internet of Things) devices makes replacement or recharge of batteries expensive and impractical for some applications. Energy harvesting is a promising solution, and various designs are proposed to harvest power from ambient resources including thermal, vibrational, solar, wind, and RF sources. Among these ambient resources, AC powerlines are a stable energy source in an urban environment. Many researchers investigated methods to exploit this stable source of energy to power wireless IoT devices.

The proposed circuit aims to harvest energy from AC powerlines with a wide input range of from 10 to 50 A. The proposed system includes a wake-up circuit and is capable of cold-start. A buck-boost converter operating in DCM is adopted for impedance matching, where the impedance is rather independent of the operation conditions. So, the proposed system can be applied to various types of wireless sensor nodes with different internal impedances. Experimental results show that the proposed system achieves an efficiency of 80.99% under the powerline current of 50 A.



powerline energy harvesting, current transformer, buck-boost convertor, impedance matching, maximum power point (MPP), wireless sensor network (WSN)