Measurement of the branching fraction and CP asymmetry of B0 → π0π0 decays using 198 x 106 B(B)over-bar pairs in Belle II data

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2023-06-28, 2023-06-28

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American Physical Society


We report measurements of the branching fraction and CP asymmetry in B0→π0π0 decays reconstructed at Belle II in an electron-positron collision sample containing 198×106 BB¯ pairs. We measure a branching fraction B(B0→π0π0)=(1.38±0.27±0.22)×10-6 and a CP asymmetry ACP(B0→π0π0)=0.14±0.46±0.07, where the first uncertainty is statistical and the second is systematic.



Science & Technology, Physical Sciences, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics, Particles & Fields, Physics, PI-PI, QCD FACTORIZATION, ISOSPIN ANALYSIS, PUZZLE, VIOLATION, PHASES, 4902 Mathematical Physics, 5107 Particle and High Energy Physics, 49 Mathematical Sciences, 51 Physical Sciences