Of the head and of the heart

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The work of an architect (his architecture) is a result of inspiration derived from his head and his heart. If his work is to be original, timeless, and improving, neither his head nor his heart must be fettered or coerced by any form of tyranny. The breaking of such bondage is necessary any time it is found to exist.

It is with this spirit that design projects were approached and the architecture synthesized. Each project presented in this thesis, be it the house which is a celebration to man and to the sun, be it the satire with all its possible applications, be it one of several form projects, or be it the International House of Students designed to accommodate two hundred and fifty (250) students of multinational origin, reflect the dialogue between the architect's head and his heart. Collectively the projects represent a continuum of this dialogue.

Only time can be the judge of the strength of an architect's head and of the purity of his heart.