Constructs for the development of a computer simulation language for bulk material transportation systems

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The overall objective of this research is the development of a set of guidelines, or constructs, which will assist in the formulation of a simulation language for bulk material transportation systems. The formulation of these guidelines necessitated a thorough analysis of two particular areas; these being the simulation analysis procedure and bulk material transportation systems. For comprehension of the nature of simulation languages, Part II presents each step of the analysis procedure as examined from the language's perspective. Supporting this analysis, Part III presents a detailed review of selected simulation languages which are currently available to the systems analyst.

Bulk material transportation systems are presented in Part IV. These systems are discussed in detail from the viewpoint of the mode of transportation, the transportation medium, and the type of bulk materials transported.

The functional specifications, or constructs, for a bulk material transportation simulation language are presented in Part V. These specifications are categorized according to the following areas; the system being described, the language form, and computer considerations. Utilizing these constructs a simulation language may be developed for subsequent use by bulk material transportation systems analysts which shall be a more appropriate choice for simulating their systems than any language currently available to them.