A Hyperloop Station: Exploring the Potential of Urban Infrastructure

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Virginia Tech


The future is bright. Technology is progressing at accelerating rates. Cities are experiencing a resurgence in population growth, which in turn is pushing transport systems to simultaneously expand and improve. The resulting effects have led to intercity travel becoming faster, cheaper, safer and increasingly more convenient. With the introduction of the Hyperloop as a novel means to travel, a newfound interest has been sparked regarding the promising future of transportation and mass transit.

This thesis is a pursuit of an understanding for the relationship between urban infrastructure and architectural form. The means of movement within any city is a critical element for defining many of its social, economical, and physical characteristics. Mass transit is vital to not only the functioning of a city, but also its identity.

The proposed Hyperloop Station celebrates this monumental novelty for intercity travel. Through its architecture the station enables an experience that fosters a better comprehension and appreciation for the organization and structure of the surrounding urban fabric. Whether newly arriving or soon to be departing, the aim is to establish a unique dialog between the traveler, the city, and its transit infrastructure.



Hyperloop, Architecture, Infrastructure, Transportation