Data processing in a small transit company using an automatic passenger counter

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Virginia Tech

This thesis describes the work done in the second stage of the implementation of the Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) system at the Roanoke Valley - Metro Transit Company. This second stage deals with the preparation of a few reports and plots that would help the transit managers in efficiently managing the transit system. The reports and plots give an evaluation of the system and service operations by which the decision makers can support their decisions.

For an efficient management of the transit system, data on ridership activity, running times schedule information, and fare revenue is required. From this data it is possible to produce management information reports and summary statistics.

The present data collection program at Roanoke Valley Metro is carried by using checkers and supervisors to collect ridership and schedule adherence information using manual methods. The information needed for efficient management of transit operations is both difficult and expensive to obtain. The new APC system offers the management with a new and powerful tool that will enhance their capability to make better decisions when allocating the service needs. The data from the APC are essential for the transit properties' ongoing planning and scheduling activities. The management could easily quantify the service demands on a route or for the whole system as desired by the user.