A study to discover color preference in preschool children

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


This study was planned to allow nursery school children to select and paint at easels with any of three colors, red, blue and yellow. The specific purpose of the investigation was to discover color preference based on:

  1. The predominant color of the finished painting.
  2. The order of colors selected in the painting process.
  3. The number of times a color is selected during the rendering of each painting
  4. Interactions between a. Order of choice of color and age b. Order of choice of color and sex c. Order of choice of color, sex, and age.

The studies of various investigators agree only in part and disagree entirely at some points. Jastrow found that boys preferred blue and girls preferred red, whereas Grath states almost the reverse, that boys preferred red more than girls, and that girls preferred orange more than boys. Fiege reports that boys preferred black and brown more than girls.