Between Form and Method

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Virginia Tech

The intent of this thesis was to develop a component system derived from a desired form. Through analysis of the initial form, I gained an understanding of the underlying parameters, principles, and topologies the form exhibited that could then be interpreted into the development of a component system. Through the process of design, utilizing iterative attempts of creating a component system directly mimicking the original form, I began to realize the need to better understand the underlying principles and topologies of the original form. This understanding became the basis in my attempts to assemble components toward a direct copy of the original form. This experimentation led to the realization that direct copy was not achievable. However, the deeper understanding of the principles exhibited within the initial form provided the framework to develop a component system that would exhibit similar results while simultaneously allowing for greater control in the development of a member with a particular desired outcome. The conversation between Form and Method was a continuous dialogue throughout the project: from the form of the initial model and the method of developing a component system based on the principles it exhibited, to the formal expression of the component itself, and eventually to a final iteration that combines the principles of the original construct through the method of assembly based on the form of the component.

component, topology, method, form