Fire safety and interior textiles

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Virginia Tech

The role of the interior designer in providing for fire safe interiors is an important one. The textile end-products they specify play an important part in the start and/or spread of interior fires. Furthermore, the rate of developments in textile testing and products makes it difficult for designers to keep abreast of the latest information. This thesis provides a program for updating interior designers on fire safe interior textiles. A one hour update program was developed as part of the thesis and delivered to members of the Southwest Regional Chapter of ASID in Roanoke, Virginia.

An analysis of data from a survey showed that participants believe there is a need for an educational program such as this course and that they would attend a five hour CEU course developed on this subject. Responses to questions on textile fibers, standard tests, and new products on the market supported the perceived need for continuing education on the subject of fire safe textiles. The course evaluation in turn, determined that some areas of the program needed to be revised. This thesis provides a packaged program which can be easily updated. Furthermore, anyone with a textile background can use this program in preparing and delivering a CEU course on fire safety and interior textiles.