Hesitantly Happy: The Influence of a Late Term Pregnancy Loss during the Subsequent Pregnancy

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Virginia Tech

This research explores the influence of pregnancy loss and coping strategies employed while connecting to the fetus in a subsequent pregnancy following a late term loss. Nine participants were interviewed using a qualitative, phenomenological methodology to determine participant's experience. Four themes emerged within the data: (1) support network – participants acknowledged who was there for them and who was not, (2) emotional ups and downs – participants reported the emotional ups and downs from loss to the subsequent pregnancy to delivery and after birth, and how they connected during this process (3) coping – participants describe coping strategies used throughout their experience, and (4) moving forward – participants reported their process of finding their new normal and how this event changed their perspective on life. Limitations, future research and clinical implications were all identified and discussed.

pregnancy loss, subsequent pregnancy, coping, connection, attachment