DH Preservation Strategies in Action: A Case Study

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Digital humanities (DH) projects pose several digital preservation challenges due to their multimodal approaches and varying technology. Last year, Virginia Tech presented a potential strategy for preserving these projects through documentation and project component packaging. The proposed strategies included identifying various project components, developing preservation strategies for complex items, and consolidating or creating documentation to be packaged and submitted to the Digital Libraries Platform (DLP). In the past year, they have successfully completed a case study for one DH project, identifying the existing components and documentation and creating metadata and documentation where appropriate. They are now in the process of ingesting the project into the DLP, developing a policy surrounding preservation levels and workflows for DH projects, and beginning another case study. In this presentation, they hope to share the strategies we implemented in both of the case studies and their outcomes, as well as the policies they have since created.



digital humanities, digital preservation, workflows, documentation