The Space between the Architect and the Project

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Virginia Tech

In the realm of architecture there is a space between the architect and the project. The thesis weaves together a collection of singular encounters with architecture, whether through reading, traveling, or designing, as if they were lines on a drawing, edges on a model, or tones on a photograph. It is in these lineaments one discovers the choreography of architecture. The project is a guesthouse for strangers located in the heart of an imagined Tokyo. The program consists of a place to arrive, guest rooms, courtyards, common areas, and a contemporary onsen. The various studies attempt to find the architecture of stillness for a stranger in an otherwise turbulent city. The drawings were rendered as representations, the models were made as explorations, and the photographs were taken as graphic confirmations. In these representations, explorations, and confirmations, there is a continuous search to establish tranquillity. It is the same tranquillity that may occupy the space between the architect and the project.

hotel, Memory, beginning, luminosity, traveling, reading, designing, urban movement