Cultivating a Landscape; A Bridge

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Virginia Tech

a bridge bridges. we build bridges so that we may overcome a perceived break in the continuity of our movement and wonder. the bridge intercedes in order to make a way towards something; beyond a limit, river, border, or mountain. it physically connects that which is perceived as separated.

what is special about a bridge are the many relationships that are illuminated and created by the finished work. towards this end, the architect manipulates the bridge's form and space to render the prevailing relationships of a bridge and its landscape. he works to cultivate the landscape in order to unite the disparate entities present, just as the bridge unites one place with another. through precise and thoughtful compositions, he frames views to capture the beauty of the form he makes, the water it crosses, the earth it springs from and the sky it marvels at. the architect gives us eyes to see the landscape as it ought to be seen.

bridge, arch, landscape, cultivate