A 15-Year Research Summary and Hunting Harvest Data Evaluation of the Broad Run Management Area

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Virginia Tech

This thesis is serving as a study report on 15 years or wildlife research performed at the 11,422-acre Broad Run Wildlife Research Area, also known at the Broad Run Management Area, in Craig County, Virginia, Incorporated in this thesis is a synthesis of all pertinent data, conclusions, evaluations, and recommendations emanating from the 17 theses written from studies undertaken at Broad Run. From these 17 theses there has been gleaned 193 results which are included in this thesis. These results took the form as either facts, summary conclusions, distilled background discussions, or as evaluations on information unearthed or research performed.

Five works emanating from studies at Broad Run concerned attempts to quantify browse and mast. Four theses concerned the wild turkey, its movements, distribution, and abundance as influenced by wildlife management practices. Three theses concerned deer, its abundance and the influence, if any, on its population by dogs. Two theses were concerned with such wildlife practices as agricultural clearings and herbicide use, while the remaining theses were on the subjects of wild grapes, birth control in foxes, climate as an influence on the deer hunter, and the influence of forest habitat on songbird populations.