Parallelizing Trusted Execution Environments for Multicore Hard Real-Time Systems

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Virginia Tech

Real-Time systems are defined not only by their logical correctness but also timeliness. Modern real-time systems, such as those controlling industrial plants or the flight controller on UAVs, are no longer isolated. The same computing resources are shared with a variety of other systems and software. Further, these systems are increasingly being connected and made available over the internet with the rise of Internet of Things and the need for automation. Many real-time systems contain sensitive code and data, which not only need to be kept confidential but also need protection against unauthorized access and modification. With the cheap availability of hardware supported Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) in modern day microprocessors, securing sensitive information has become easier and more robust. However, when applied to real-time systems, the overheads of using TEEs make scheduling untenable. However, this issue can be mitigated by judiciously utilizing TEEs and capturing TEE operation peculiarities to create better scheduling policies. This thesis provides a new task model and scheduling approach, Split-TEE task model and a scheduling approach ST-EDF. It also presents simulation results for 2 previously proposed approaches to scheduling TEEs, T-EDF and CT-RM.

Trusted Execution, Hard real-time systems, Scheduling