I. Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds From Suriname and Madagascar flora. II. A Synthetic Approach to Lucilactaene

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Virginia Tech

As part of an International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG), extracts of plants from Suriname and Madagascar were bioassayed for cytotoxicity and antimalarial activity. Six cytotoxic extracts and one potential antimalarial were selected for fractionation, and yielded a number of bioactive compounds which were characterized by spectroscopy methods. Craspidospermum verticillatum (Apocynaceae) yielded four known indole alkoids. Casimirella sp (Icacinaceae) gave three new and five known diterpenoids. Pentopetia androsaemifolia (Apocynaceae) afforded one new and three known cardenolide glycosides. Physalis angulata (Solanaceae) yielded seven known physalins. Roupellina boivinnii (Apocynaceae) yielded four known and three new cardenolide glycosides, and three known cucurbitacins were isolated from Octolepis aff. dioica (Thymelaeaceae).

In addition to these structural studies, a synthetic approach to lucilactaene, a cell cycle inhibitor was developed.

Lucilactaene, Anticancer agents, Cytotoxicity assay, Indole alkaloids, p53 Tumor suppressor Gene, Physalins, Cardenolide glycosides, Diterpenoids, Cucurbitacins, Cell cycle, Cell cycle inhibitor