Biomass Estimation Using the Component Ratio Method for White Oak

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Virginia Tech

With higher demands on biomass, the ability to accurately estimate the amount in a stand is more important now than ever before. Existing models currently in use by the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service include the Component Ratio Method (CRM). However, testing of the CRM models is needed to validate and calibrate them. The objective of this research was to test and develop a system of equations capable of producing consistent volume and biomass estimates for standing trees of commercially important hardwood species in the southeastern United States. Testing and comparing was done through use of new and legacy data to establish component ratios of trees and contrast these results to those from existing models. Specifically, analyses were completed for models of merchantable and whole stem volume, wood densities models and averages, and the component ratios for wood, bark, branches, and foliage. The existing models were then calibrated and adjusted. Results on accuracy and fitted results of updated models are reported, along with testing the effects of applying updated models over the state of Virginia.

Biomass, Tree Components, Component Ratio Method, Density, Bark and Wood Fraction