Multi-Phase Smart Converter for PV System


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Virginia Tech


Recent research and industrial accomplishment has revealed the advantages of cascaded smart converter PV system over traditional centralized and string PV system. However, even by adopting the cascaded smart converter, it is not always possible to track maximum power point (MPP) for all the panels under heavy shading condition, and a central converter is still required to track the peak power point of PV array.

Based on the analysis of system configurations for smart converter PV system, an alternative PV system configuration is introduced which can extract peak power from all the panels under different mismatch condition and connect PV array to 380V DC bus without central converter.

Based on this alternative PV system configuration, a multi-phase smart converter with single controller is proposed as a low cost panel-level MPPT solution. This proposal can largely reduce cost by saving MPPT controllers, current and voltage sensors without sacrificing energy production. The effectiveness of the proposal has been verified by both simulation and experiment results.



PV panel, MPPT, smart converter, multi-phase converter