The effect of fertilizers on the germination of seeds as influenced by temperature and moisture

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

The effect of fertilizers and the variable weather conditions of temperature and moisture have presented many problems of a scientific nature of the agronomist. Not only has this been true for some time with the scientific agronomist, but of late years these problems have found their place in the working knowledge of the practical farmer from a crop standpoint. Many times the farmer fails to get a stand of certain crops due to bad germinations of the seed. This is attributed to bad seed, disease seed, old seed, to wet land and many other similar reasons. Not until recent years has the farmer attributed the inability to get a good stand of different crops on the land to the effect of fertilizers.

Some of the more wide-awake farmers of today have noticed repeatedly that with certain seeds when sown with certain fertilizers a poor germination has always resulted.

It has become common practice of many farmers in planting crops in which the seed is sown with the drill to mix the fertilizer with the seed and sow it out the same spout together, thus putting the fertilizer in contact with the seed. Many of the farmers are reporting bad germination from this practice and are asking for information about the effect of certain fertilizers on germination of certain seeds.

To be able to give practical information on such problems as these, is the aim for this experiment work.