Drapers Meadows, a community designed and landscaped for living

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


A resume of this thesis shows its main objective to be the design of Draper’s meadows, a community designed and landscaped for living, to provide housing for some members of the faculty of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia.

A review of literature dealing with community design from the l860’s to the present time, was made.

A preliminary survey of the site was made, and data taken in this survey was used to make a topographic map which served as a base map for accurately projecting subsequent drawings.

A general consideration of the environment and physical condition of the site along with a discussion of its historical significance, and a review of the methods of attacking the problem of community design, present the reader with an introduction to the thesis.

The body of the thesis consists of three main sections: “Design of community,” “Construction Details,” and “Landscape Design.” Drawings related to these topics are included and frequently referred to end explained in these sections. of the design is of a contemporary nature, stressing simplicity und beauty along with unity and individuality.

It is concluded that the design does embody some new principles which could be adaptable to other community situations, while at the same time providing a solution to the design of a community at Draper’s Meadows.