Walk into a Heavenly Art World

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Virginia Tech


Living in the new and unreal world of technology and computers, we realize how much humans are separated from nature, which means the actual connection between our soul, brain, and body to the real and touchable environment and experiencing in-person connections.

Since birth, we have a special connection with nature and so we realize that nature gives us feelings of peace and happiness. Staying close to nature makes us feel alive from the inside and it reduces stress, depression and, negative emotions and it improves our mental, physical, and spiritual health condition., Ultimately, it gives us motivation and hope in life.

To explore the architectural implications of these ideas, I have designed a Museum of Art in Washington DC, beside the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens of water lilies. In my project, I propose how to stay in touch with nature as a visitor who is walking through each part of the museum. From each exhibition room to the next, there is a break to a special view of nature and water to take a deep breath of fresh air. This also makes the viewer understand the artwork inside before entering each room. Bringing outside nature to the inside and creating a connection between the viewer, view, and artwork gives the visitors a break from the world of technology and makes them connect to the blue and green world which is integral with human nature. The connection between the site and the building makes the viewers feel at home when they are exploring the exhibition rooms to see the artworks since nature is our first home. This is how my design explains my thesis as you are walking through this heavenly art world.



Water, Water Lilies, Psychology, View, Art work, Health, Museum Wellness, Washington DC