Multiscale Modeling of friction Mechanisms with Hybrid Methods

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Virginia Tech


This thesis presents a simulation model of sliding process of friction, which combines Newtonian particle dynamics and finite element method to study friction mechanisms that bridging micro and macro scales. In the thesis, it first reviews the importance of studying pavement friction that is associated to safety of drivers, society economics and environmental impact. Then, the hybrid numerical methods of Newtonian particle dynamics and finite element method have been introduced, and the rules to bridge these two methods also have been discussed for solid material that assumes the forces and displacements are continuous at the interface of these two methods. The fundamental theories of friction mechanisms are built upon the surface roughness, adhesion and deformation at the contact between two surfaces. At last, the simulation model of sliding process is presented with the hybrid method, and its visualization and result analysis has been given. At the same time, this thesis also includes the procedures of establishing the simulation of the hybrid methods with C++ programming like the program framework, structure and the major pieces of the program.



Newtonian dynamics, Finite element method, friction, multiscale modeling