Re-Presenting Memory

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Virginia Tech


My architectural thesis began with a desire to investigate the relationship between old and new in architecture.

Each city has a history of its own, with old structures and new structures that are in constant dialogue, perhaps directly next to or within one another. The questions that arise from this dialogue captivated me to investigate what my own architectural response would be in such a context. I looked to the architectural joint at various scales, from the parti at the scale of the city, to the point where your hand makes contact with the building. The study of the detail provided an opportunity to heighten the architectural experience and capture a moment that would show the true nature of time.

I searched my architectural imagination for answers (and more questions) through the scope of a proposed renovation and addition to an existing duplex structure located in the Le Droit Park neighborhood in NW Washington, DC. The program is a residence, studio, and gallery for a professional potter.



Memory, old and new, potter, detail, joint