A study of Chinese industrialization (1912-1948)

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


The purpose of this thesis is to investigate three aspects of Chinese industrialization: first, what are the causes of the slow growth of Chinese industries; second, what Chinese industrialization has been done by the Ching dynasty before 1912, and by National China after 1912; third, from the analysis of natural resources, from the view of past achievement in the Chinese industrialization, what will be the possibilities of Chinese industrialization in the future.

The investigation and analysis are concerned with the following:

  1. The basic factors for industrialization.
  2. The general causes of slow growth of Chinese industrialization.
  3. General growth of Chinese industries.
  4. Development in particular industries: a. Steel and Iron industries. b. Coal industries. c. Electric industries. d. Textile industries. e. Machine and petroleum industries.

The conclusion of this study is to show a sound policy for Chinese industrialization for the future.