Boundary value and Wiener-Hopf problems for abstract kinetic equations with nonregular collision operators

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


We study the linear abstract kinetic equation T𝜑(x)′=-A𝜑(x) in the half space {x≥0} with partial range boundary conditions. The function ψ takes values in a Hilbert space H, T is a self adjoint injective operator on H and A is an accretive operator. The first step in the analysis of this boundary value problem is to show that T⁻¹A generates a holomorphic bisemigroup. We prove two theorems about perturbation of bisemigroups that are interesting in their own right. The second step is to obtain a special decomposition of H which is equivalent to a Wiener-Hopf factorization. The accretivity of A is crucial in this step. When A is of the form "identity plus a compact operator", we work in the original Hilbert space. For unbounded A’s we consider weak solutions in a larger space HT, which has a natural Krein space structure. Using the Krein space geometry considerably simplifies the analysis of the question of unique solvability.