Experimental and analytical modeling of the quasi-steady switching characteristics of a monostable fluid amplifier

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Virginia Tech


The effects of internal dimensional variations on the switching and recovery performance of an or/nor gate are investigated. A large scale experimental model is observed for switch pressure and flow rate, return pressure, and output recovery pressure in relation to variations in wall length, control and vent width, wall offsets, and splitter distance. For each dimensional configuration, effects of 1- and 3-nozzle loads are examined over Reynolds numbers (based on power supply nozzle exit width) of 2500 to 4000. The nominal design yields high switch pressures (> 20% of supply) and flow rates, and exaggerated load and Reynolds number dependence. Results of the individual dimensional variations show the control width to display the greatest effect on switching, with attachment wall offset and wall length having less significance. Opposite wall and splitter variations show negligible effects over the range examined. A revised design is obtained by combining the dimensional variations which show desirable performance trends. An analytical model is described which agrees reasonably well with the experimental data with some empirical correlation.