A post-processor interface for CADAM NC and dyna milling machines

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


This thesis introduces a program which serves as a post-processor interface between CAD AM NC and a DYNA milling machine. This program processes the CLDA TA file that is the output of the IBM System/370 APT-AC processor. The input to the APT-AC processor is an APT file, generated by passing CADAM NC data through the CADAM/ APT interface. The CLDA TA file is post-processed and instructions in DYNA language, required to machine the part on the DYNA milling machine, are created. This is achieved through different subroutines that have been written for different types of statements in the CLDA TA file. For each type of statement in the CLDA TA file, a different subroutine is accessed which processes that statement according to the requirements of the DYNA milling machine and writes the corresponding statement in DYNA language to a file. The post-processor then reads the different DYNA statements from different files and creates the complete part program in DYNA language required to machine the part.