Perpetuate the Revolution: Embrace the Brick Wall

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Virginia Tech


Washington D.C., along with similar historically significant cities, boasts architectural treasures. Understanding how our above-ground archeology, which represents the passage of time and suggests urban development, will continue to influence our architecture today, is the essential core of this thesis. 14th Street is one of the crucial entrance corridors of the city, existing as a vertical way-finder for modern day travelers coming in and out of the District. Brick rowhouses line this valuable street, providing multi-use functions that have evolved over the past century. Unfortunately, most of these urban gems have lost their place to the City's superblock high rises. The program of this thesis serves the Corcoran School of Art + Design with a new central campus location in D.C. while reusing an existing block of parti walls, excavated from rowhouses of the past. The modern need of maximizing space is thoughtfully merged with the intentional reuse of historic structures.



Adaptive Reuse, Brick walls, time, history, Corcoran, College of Art and Design