All Digital FM Demodulator

dc.contributor.authorNair, Kartiken
dc.contributor.committeechairHa, Dong S.en
dc.contributor.committeememberJia, Xiaotingen
dc.contributor.committeememberYi, Yangen
dc.contributor.departmentElectrical Engineeringen
dc.description.abstractThe proposed demodulator is an all-digital implementation of a FM demodulator. The proposed design intends to implement a FM demodulator for high-speed applications, which makes the requirements for analog components minimal. The proposed circuit is an all-digital quadrature demodulator, where the individual components have been implemented without using any multipliers. The topology uses a Pulse width modulation (PWM) block to avoid the need for a DAC. The Xilinx virtex-7 FPGA has been used as the reference device for the work. The circuit is validated through behavioral simulations and the results conclude the proposed circuit demodulates the targeted FM channel and provides the spectrum information for the targeted FM channelen
dc.description.abstractgeneralWith the rise in popularity of reconfigurable hardware, such as FPGAs, digital signal processing has become one of the most widespread usage of such devices. The major advantage of using FPGAs for implementing signal processing algorithms is that they provide very less time to market and can be re-modeled or modified in easily. Moreover, the netlists designed for FPGAs can be easily translated to ASICs. As wireless communication has become omnipresent, modulation and demodulation schemes have become an area of great interest. With the increase in data rates for the modern-day communication systems, the digital implementation of these algorithms is becoming more and more common. This is further aided by the advancements in high-speed ADCs and the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, which have made the usage of FPGAs lot more feasible and a lot more efficient. This work discusses the demodulation scheme for one of the most widespread modulation algorithms, Frequency Modulation (FM). An all-digital FM demodulator design is proposed for highspeed implementation on FPGAs. The proposed design is an all-digital quadrature I-Q based demodulator.en
dc.description.degreeMaster of Scienceen
dc.publisherVirginia Techen
dc.rightsIn Copyrighten
dc.subjectFM demodulatoren
dc.subjectField programmable gate arraysen
dc.titleAll Digital FM Demodulatoren
dc.typeThesisen Engineeringen Polytechnic Institute and State Universityen of Scienceen


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