An analysis of the perceptions of institutional goal priorities of college-wide and campus administrators among the five multi-campus community colleges of the Virginia Community College System

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Virginia Tech


The survey instrument was developed through a factor analysis based upon the original 42 VCCS Management by Objectives goals as identified and developed by the VCCS Task Force on Management by Objectives. The reliability was established through a test/retest within the Virginia Community College System which produced a correlation coefficient of .98 between the two administrations of the instrument. Face validity was established based upon the development of the Management by Objectives goals specifically for the Virginia Community College System institutions by the VCCS Task Force on Management by Objectives.

The findings of this study indicated that no statistically significant difference existed for either of the eight null hypotheses tested utilizing the SAS REGR analysis of variance procedure. The program produced overall multivariate analyses of variance for all but one comparison. Univariate analyses of variance were concomitantly produced per goal statement for each comparison. Statistical tests of ‘significance were conducted utilizing the .01 level of significance.

Based upon the results of the data analysis, it was concluded that goal consonance existed between and among college and campus administrative groups (college-wide/central office and campus administrators) of the five Virginia multi-campus community colleges.



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