A Distributed Parameter Approach to Optimal Filtering and Estimation with Mobile Sensor Networks

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Virginia Tech


In this thesis we develop a rigorous mathematical framework for analyzing and approximating optimal sensor placement problems for distributed parameter systems and apply these results to PDE problems defined by the convection-diffusion equations. The mathematical problem is formulated as a distributed parameter optimal control problem with integral Riccati equations as constraints. In order to prove existence of the optimal sensor network and to construct a framework in which to develop rigorous numerical integration of the Riccati equations, we develop a theory based on Bochner integrable solutions of the Riccati equations. In particular, we focus on ℐp-valued continuous solutions of the Bochner integral Riccati equation. We give new results concerning the smoothing effect achieved by multiplying a general strongly continuous mapping by operators in ℐp. These smoothing results are essential to the proofs of the existence of Bochner integrable solutions of the Riccati integral equations. We also establish that multiplication of continuous ℐp-valued functions improves convergence properties of strongly continuous approximating mappings and specifically approximating C₀-semigroups. We develop a Galerkin type numerical scheme for approximating the solutions of the integral Riccati equation and prove convergence of the approximating solutions in the ℐp-norm. Numerical examples are given to illustrate the theory.



Riccati Equation, Kalman Filter, Mobile Sensor Networks, Optimal Filtering