A community center for Suffolk

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute


It has been the idea of the author throughout the study of this problem to take care of the near future needs of Suffolk and at the same time to introduce features in the design which have been left out in the past. The community center has been designed in a modern manner, with the thought always in mind to create two buildings of which the citizens or the community will be proud.

The research in connection with this thesis was devoted more to the study of specific conditions and requirements of a single project than to the investigation of a type or class of buildings. The results, therefore, are illustrated by the drawings.

The following generalizations, however, should be recorded:

  1. The shape and size of the site as well as the specific requirements made it necessary to design two separate and distinct buildings.
  2. Those offices visited more frequently than others should occupy the ground floors.
  3. Sizes of rooms are determined by the specific requirements needed for a given community.
  4. A modern design is the most practical from economical standpoint, which was considered in this problem.
  5. Shapes of buildings are determined by the site and its adjacent surroundings as well as by the elements of the design.