Expansiveness and Security Through Materials and Design


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Virginia Tech


This is a youth hostel designed to provide maximum functional comfort and efficiency in a relatively confined space. Because of its narrow floor plan, the windows are made large to make the rooms seem bigger and frame the view to the outside by drawing the viewerâ s eye out from the dense interior creating expansion to the outside. The orientation of the structure allows natural light to fill almost the entire interior and invites the cityscape to become a part of the interior spaces. In addition to the balconies on the berthing floors, the core of the structure supplements the idea of expansiveness by extending up and out to the gathering area on the roof where everyone can congregate and enjoy the outside view of the City of Roanoke.

In my travels and staying in youth hostels throughout Europe, a high level of security wasnâ t always provided so I wanted to create spaces that provide security and convenience for the traveler and the travelerâ s belongings. The design of the bed units provides security and easy access for stowing and securing personal effects in the compartments located within while larger luggage and other belongings can be secured in lockers found in the locker rooms on the shower floors. I wanted to provide an additional sense of security for those traveling alone so there are berthing and shower floors designated for women and berthing and shower floors designated for men with designated restrooms located on each berthing floor.



security, narrow structure, youth hostel, expansiveness