Power System Coherency Identification Using Nonlinear Koopman Mode Analysis


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Virginia Tech


In this thesis, we apply nonlinear Koopman mode analysis to decompose the swing dynamics of a power system into modes of oscillation, which are identified by analyzing the Koopman operator, a linear infinite-dimensional operator that may be defined for any nonlinear dynamical system. Specifically, power system modes of oscillation are identified through spectral analysis of the Koopman operator associated with a particular observable. This means that they can be determined directly from measurements. These modes, referred to as Koopman modes, are single-frequency oscillations, which may be extracted from nonlinear swing dynamics under small and large disturbances. They have an associated temporal frequency and growth rate. Consequently, they may be viewed as a nonlinear generalization of eigen-modes of a linearized system. Koopman mode analysis has been also applied to identify coherent swings and coherent groups of machines of a power system. This will allow us to carry out a model reduction of a large-scale system and to derive a precursor to monitor the loss of transient stability.



power system stability, coherency identification, modal analysis, model reduction