Solids in relation to smoothness and keeping qualities of ice cream

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute


I Smoothness and texture of ice cream are closely associated both with fresh and refrozen ice cream.

II Smoothness depends upon the amount and fineness of division of solids present other than those in true solution, within limit ; that iis, the smoothness depends upon size and distribution of ice crystals which in turn depend upon the number and nearness together of minute solid particles which interfere with crystallization and reduce the size of the ice crystals.

III Colloidal solutions of solids other than fat are best adapted for filler in ice cream. The finer the division the better.

IV The more complete the effiulsior of the fats the better. The homogenizer has its application in this respect.

V The keeping qualities of ice cream depend upon the stability of the ''mix". That is, the keeping qualities of ice cream made from a given mixture will depend upon the disposition of the solids in that to separate from the liquid, which in turn depend upon the fineness of division of the solids. The finer the division the better the keeping qualities up to the point at which the solid merges into a true solution.