Sattva: The Harmony of Balanced Living -  Architecture for Holistic Wellness

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Virginia Tech


The thesis attempts to make an integrative and healing therapy center, employing a salutogenic approach to health and wellness. Salutogenesis is an approach that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle and prevention of disease through the creation of supportive environments. The project is based on the proposition that architectural and environmental elements can influence mental and physical well-being. The research explores how elements like light, water, structure and material can be employed to promote the energy flow in space, thus enhancing the healing quality of the environment. It dives into the concept of energy states within spaces and humans influenced by natural and architectural elements. The need for such a therapeutic center is derived from the increasing emphasis of the impact of healthy living and focus on mental health and as growing interest in preventive health measures. The thesis aims to study the role of architecture, and its influence on the harmony and holistic well being. It also dwells on the design choices like lighting, material selection, use of water features and structure can lead to creation of healing and therapeutic environments. It also emphasizes on open areas which could help in self reflection and relaxation.



Sattva, Integrative, Therapeutic, Healing Center, Harmony, Balanced Living, Holistic Wellness