Algorithms for Tomographic Reconstruction of Rectangular Temperature Distributions using Orthogonal Acoustic Rays


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Virginia Tech


Non-intrusive acoustic thermometry using an acoustic impulse generator and two microphones is developed and integrated with tomographic techniques to reconstruct temperature contours. A low velocity plume at around 450 °F exiting through a rectangular duct (3.25 by 10 inches) was used for validation and reconstruction. 0.3 % static temperature relative error compared with thermocouple-measured data was achieved using a cross-correlation algorithm to calculate speed of sound. Tomographic reconstruction algorithms, the simplified multiplicative algebraic reconstruction technique (SMART) and least squares method (LSQR), are investigated for visualizing temperature contours of the heated plume. A rectangular arrangement of transmitter and microphones with a traversing mechanism collected two orthogonal sets of acoustic projection data. Both reconstruction techniques have successfully recreated the overall characteristic of the contour; however, for the future work, the integration of the refraction effect and implementation of additional angled projections are required to improve local temperature estimation accuracy. The root-mean-square percentage errors of reconstructing non-uniform, asymmetric temperature contours using the SMART and LSQR method are calculated as 20% and 19%, respectively.



Acoustic Thermometry, Non-intrusive Measurement, Tomography Reconstruction, Least Squares Method, Multiplicative Algebraic Reconstruction Technique