Spontaneous necrotizing granuloma of the cerebellum: a case report

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Background Intracranial necrotizing granulomatous space-occupying lesions are sparsely reported in literature. Variability in presenting symptomatology and radiographic features makes diagnostic work-up difficult

Case presentation This report presents the case of a 77-year-old female with sinusitis and fatigue who underwent an MRI revealing a posterior fossa lesion compressing the fourth ventricle. Subsequent contrast CT of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis was negative for primary malignancy. Histopathologic examination of the lesion following biopsy showed it to be a necrotizing granuloma in an antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) negative patient. The most likely diagnosis was determined to be spontaneous necrotizing granuloma, a rare entity with only one previous report noted.

Conclusions Spontaneous necrotizing granuloma of the CNS is a rare entity that represents an important differential consideration in the work-up of space occupying lesions of the CNS.




BMC Neurology. 2020 Jun 05;20(1):230