Light and Space Through Photography

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Virginia Tech


Photography now days challenge our perception of space, light, and architecture. Photography has challenge the way we perceive, interact and communicate in the world. In today society photography has find ways to communicate faster through images. Technology has played a big part on how we exchange pictures making it very accessible to all ages and cultures. As photography has become more accessible and it has become more technological advance, new challenges and problems have emerge. I consider that society has lost the ability to be aware of two basic essential elements which are light and space. These two elements are very important in photography but also in the human physical and emotional existence. I wanted to celebrate the learning process of photography and to be more conscious of the superficial world we live in today. I consider that by educating new generation the process of light and space can influence how people can become more in touch with its spiritual being. By providing a educational space in Georgetown where people are able to interact with visual media and learn the process of photography can have a positive impact individually and collectively. Considering that many people visit Georgetown every year became a important portal to spread the knowledge globally.



photography, Light and space, school, Georgetown, institute, Light, space