Data analysis for characterization of IG110 and A3 by X-Ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy

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This article contains data related to the research journal paper titled 'Comparative Analysis of Microstructure and Reactive Sites for Nuclear Graphite IG-110 and Graphite Matrix A3", Journal of Nuclear Materials 528 (2020) 151802. This article includes details of the calculation process of the crystallite edge area, additional tables and figures of XRD and Raman data, and additional summary of data reduction methods used in prior literature for the characterization of IG-110 nuclear graphite. Reduced data associated with this article is provided in the supplementary information. Raw data associated with this article is in the supplementary material of the companion article. (C) 2020 Published by Elsevier Inc.



Nuclear Graphite, IG110, A3, Crystallite edge area, XRD, Raman