Modification of a physical education experimental teaching unit

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


This study was undertaken to research and modify the Georgia Project hockey/golf Physical Education Experimental Teaching Unit (PEETU). The PEETU is a short instructional unit involving a pre-test, instructional period, and posttest. The object of the PEETU instructional skill is to hit a tennis ball into a hoop in the least amount of strokes (hits). The modification of the PEETU consisted of simply lengthening the distance between the starting line and the hoop from thirty yards to forty-five yards.

It was hypothesized that the reverse chaining method of teaching would not cause greater significant learning than the lecture/demonstration method, and that Academic Learning Time-Physical Education(M) (Motor ALT) would not be a better student process indicator for achievement independently of instructional method or length of the PEETU.

The results indicated there were no significant differences between teaching methods or instructional periods within the PEETU. The results also indicated that Motor ALT is an important student process indicator when the student received between two and seven minutes of Motor ALT during the instructional period of the PEETU.