Sensing the Threshold


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Virginia Tech


The sacred and the profane: a dichotomy that can only exist through the thresholds within. In a world that's drowning in the profane, we yearn for the ephemeral, in which our mind, body, and soul emerge out of the mundanity of day-to-day life, and into something beyond. We search for the art, seek pilgrimage, and long for the symbols. The physical, emotional, and sensational thresholds we pass between the two states are what resonate in our bodies. Those experiences are the stories we pass on. Yet, some of the most sacred spaces in the world have become mere subjects behind the lens of a camera. Technology has empowered our ability to reach marvels, yet it has provided layers now inherently filtered onto our experiences. How real are these thresholds we long to pass if they are experienced only through electronic devices? The sacred experiences I treasure the most were given life through movement: movement of time, light, and the elements, none of which I would trade for a photograph. The following pages trace my imagination of a place where we take a step back through the door we barely noticed. Instead of looking for the sacred, we journey through the profane. We celebrate the threshold.



Sacred, Profane, Threshold, Wayfinding