Design and Analysis of a Real-time Data Monitoring Prototype for the LWA Radio Telescope

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Virginia Tech


Increasing computing power has been helping researchers understand many complex scientific problems. Scientific computing helps to model and visualize complex processes such as molecular modelling, medical imaging, astrophysics and space exploration by processing large set of data streams collected through sensors or cameras. This produces a massive amount of data which consume a large amount of processing and storage resources. Monitoring the data streams and filtering unwanted information will enable efficient use of the available resources. This thesis proposes a data-centric system that can monitor high-speed data streams in real-time. The proposed system provides a flexible environment where users can plug-in application-specific data monitoring algorithms. The Long Wavelength Array telescope (LWA) is an astronomical apparatus that works with high speed data streams, and the proposed data-centric platform is developed to evaluate FPGAs to implement data monitoring algorithms in LWA. The throughput of the data-centric system has been modeled and it is observed that the developed data-centric system can deliver a maximum throughput of 164 MB/s.



data-centric computing, PCIe, data streaming, Field programmable gate arrays