Prologue to performance

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"Having being fixed on paper or retained in the memory music exists already, prior to its actual performance differing in that respect from all the other arts.

The musical entity thus presents the remarkable singularity of existing successively and distinctly in two forms separated from each other by the hiatus of silence.

This peculiar nature of music determines its very life as well as it's repercussions in the social world for it presupposes two kinds of musicians: the creator and the performer."

Igor Stravinsky

This thesis is an investigation of how architecture becomes the threshold manifesting that hiatus of silence; preparing the spectator; preparing, reinforcing and introducing the spectacle, only to be completed by the final act, that of the performer. It is that in between through which one passes in anticipation and preparation. The form in which the creative phenomenon exists then becomes the prologue of the performance.