Delimitative walls: dwellings on the N.Y. waterfront

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Part of the struggle of making architecture is reconciling its various realities; as it exists as pure idea and its transformation into a ‘thing’ existing in the world. Modern times pose a new challenge as well. As Jacob Bronowski has said, the dilemma is no longer to find structure for material but to find material for structure. Therefore, the ‘imposed idea’ is important as an impetus for Architecture to exist.

In this project the imposed idea was the use of a series of parallel walls, vertical planes, that delimit the place for dwelling.

In the first drawings, an attempt was made to use color as the substantiation or realization of space. The line drawing remains as a descriptive adjunct to the expressive drawing. They become together; the idea vs. its realization each describing the ‘thing’ in its evolving reality.