Neutron radiographic methods

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


An experiment has been performed which establishes the capability of the reactor at V.P.I. to provide a satisfactory neutron supply for neutron radiography. Several different specimens including low Z materials and heavier materials such as iron have been used as test objects. The effects of alternate methods of obtaining the radiographs and of the different experimental parameters have been studied.

Quantitative investigations were made of the effects of voids of different depths in varying thicknesses of three test specimens which consisted of graphite, bakelite, and plexiglass. The results of these studies showed that it would be practical to detect voids of as little as 1/32 of an inch at depths of up to one inch in the test specimens.

It is felt that the research performed in this experiment adequately demonstrated the usefulness of neutron radiographic methods in non-destructive testing and the capability of the V.P.I. reactor facility for this technique.



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