Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Development

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this thesis is to examine the role of sustainable development in Landscape Architecture. From reviewing the literature, a position is developed. The position is that Sustainable Development is an important issue for landscape architects and that there are reasons landscape architects have had limited success in sustainable development. The method of the thesis is derived from assessing a problem of sustainable development and landscape architecture and developing a solution to this problem. The solution is a procedure, not a tool, that landscape architects can use to learn about Sustainable Development and how it applies to landscape architecture. This thesis culminates in the development and application of a Sustainable Development Framework for Landscape Architects. The Framework is a procedure for landscape architects to become informed about sustainable development and how it applies to landscape architecture. For this thesis, the application was applied to the build out of an existing community, Top of the World. The implications of applying this framework are then discussed.



Design, sustainable, sustainable development, landscape architecture